Income Tax, Real Estate, Mortgage Loan Origination, Health & Life Insurance Services

My name is Gerald Knight. I am a CPA with Masters' degrees in accounting and business administration. I will help you devise a practical and legal tax strategy to save you money starting with 25 percent off what you paid your last preparer. Then, get us your tax documents by Valentine's Day each year and I will guarantee the same discounted rate, for as many years as you continue to request our services. I'm ready to compete on price and advice!

My full service accounting firm, Tax Busters, can help your business with online Quick-books, corporate formation and governance issues, business and personal federal & state income tax returns, quarterly financial statements, payroll and quarterly reporting.

I am also an Illinois Realtor, Mortgage Loan Originator MNLS # 211932, and Health & Life Insurance Agent. My mission is to help you succeed in the business of daily life and I collaborate with professionals in each of these fields to make sure you get the latest and best advice.

I can help you locate a great place to live in the neighborhood of your choice real estate services, help you improve your credit score, and help you get a safe mortgage at the best possible rate mortgage origination services. Later, I can help you get your kids to college by showing you how to become more eligible for college financial aid through the FASFA process. Finally, I can assist you with the insurance, retirement planning, and beneficiary designation issues important to protect you and your loved ones from immediate, heavy, and unnecessary taxation.

If you have any need for tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting or mortgage origination services, contact us to get it taken care of quickly and affordably. For more information, contact Tax Busters at (708) 529-3225.

25% less than what you paid your last preparer - GUARANTEED!

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